Dave & Alyona

 My name is Dave Puckett, My wife and I live together with our 2 sons in a little town just north of Indianapolis, IN. My wife is a  ballroom dancer and teacher of it also. Our oldest son is a competitive ballroom dancer dreaming of turning professional some day. Our youngest son is a boy scout and an adventurer too. Both boys are typical teenage kids wanting to quickly become adults.  I started working online 8 years ago.  There were fewer businesses online back then and marketing them was a guessing game, no one knew for sure exactly how it should be done so it was just trial and error.  Working online has changed so much since I started, I’ve learned a lot of do’s and don’ts through the years and of course I’m still learning.  The good news is many opportunities available today are better than anything in the past, you’ve just got to know where to find them. There is also a huge number of bad opportunities out there as well as outright scams, it’s tricky to know which is which unless you have some experience to know the difference. To complicate finding good money-making programs there are unscrupulous distributors and internet marketers just looking for the quick buck and naive and inexperienced newcomers who will fall for their tricks to cheat them out of their money.  I intend to help you sort through the scams and dishonest people trying to take advantage of you and give you honest reviews of online businesses and money-making programs. Regardless of whether you already have an online business or are looking for one I will provide you with sound “evergreen” methods of working online that will work for any business.  Success to you always, Dave