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Automatic Blogging Got A New Boost! Thanks To WP Content Spinner

Are you a lazy blogger that hates writing even a single line of contents on your WordPress blog? Are you a type of blogger that loves to scrape other people contents from article directories such as Ezine, Article Dashboard etc.? If so, then 99.9% you are using auto-blogging plugin.

There’s nothing wrong about it specially nowadays, authors will even love you for spreading their writings and the links embedded therein. It’s a free publicity right?

But there’s a problem on these way of blogging recently, this multi-colored search engine called Google created the chaos! The very unpopular Google Duplicate Contents Penalty thing.

This is a part of Google’s series of slaps… Google simply dropping websites with contents that are copied from other websites who originally published the contents as defined by their robots!

I myself loves automated blogging, I like to automate as much of my income as I possibly can. Therefore, I set up a ton of blogs that pull content automatically to get a ton of visitors which in turn puts a nice chunk of cash in my pockets every month from things like Adsense, CPA, affiliate programs, and adding people to my list.

The problem I was running into is that tons of other people were doing the same thing. The content that was being dripped to my blogs was also being dripped to 100’s of other blogs and I started to see a decline in my rankings and traffic because the same content that I was using was on tons of other sites as well.

I found this cool WordPress plugin called WP Content Spinner and my Aha moments finally sparks again!

What Content Spinner does is simply changing some of the “code” in the html to basically allow the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN to see your content as Unique…So unique that it passes CopyScape every single time, even though it is content being pulled from other sites and the cool thing about this plugin is it happens literally automatic…

You’ve gotta try this little wonder and see the power of being lazy! 🙂

You should get Content Spinner now!

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      Blogsite or Website?  It’s already unanimously apparent a blogsite is number one to establish a great marketing foundation for any online business.  Here are the biggest reasons why blogsites are number one – They are fast and easy to setup and use for the average person, they are interactive giving you important feedback from your customers and potential business partners, they are picked up and indexed by the search engines faster than websites, and lastly blog platforms are free.  Your blogsite is the heart of your business; Your “Business Central” or the foundational hub upon which all your other business efforts are built on.  All your other websites, social media sites, products, services, resources of all kinds should be connected, or “linked” to your blogsite.  This gives you credibility, builds your “brand” so people will recognize your name or your business name, trust you and buy your products, services, and/or join your business.

      David Meerman Scott – Award winning marketing strategist and author of: “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” says: “Blogging is my front door.  There’s no doubt that my blog is the most important marketing and PR tool I have.  My blog has gotten my ideas out to thousands of people who never heard of me before.  Thanks to the power of search engines my blog is also the most vital and effective way for people to find me.  Every word of every post is indexed by Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines, so when people look for information on the topics I write about, they find me.”

      The above example is one of many, just look around at the majority of top marketers on the internet and see what a foundational key blogging has been for their businesses.  If you aren’t using a blog as a foundation for marketing your business, I strongly suggest you look into it right now by signing up for the “Stay Connected” newsletter and receive the free e-book: “Wordpress Beginners Guide” and if you are using a blog to market your business you’re still welcome to sign up and take the free e-book, you’ll be able to check through it and see if there’s anything you’re missing.  Also at the end of the book there is a link to check out a more in-depth e-book: “Wordpress Website Secrets” to help make your WordPress blog a more powerful and effective marketing tool.

      Success to You,  Dave Puckett

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      When you buy a product what are you thinking?  I’m thinking: “Ok what’s this going to do for me?”  I bought some cleansing tea – Did I get it because of its appearance, smell, taste, or price?… or maybe because of the attractive well-designed colorful brochure?

      Nope, I have good tasting economical tea at home I got from the grocery store.  I got the tea because of the benefits associated with it.  I saw the benefits I needed and knew I wanted; I saw cleansing for the colon, relief for indigestion, bloating, acid reflux, and an effective tool for weight loss.  Finally what strengthened my resolve to buy were testimonials of other people who were already experiencing these benefits that I wanted.   Everything else about the tea that didn’t involve what the tea could do for me were minor technicalities for me.  It’s all about the benefits.  – Dave Puckett

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      I can remember when I was growing up I started working in my Dads’ grocery store at the age of 10. Thinking back now at that age from my perspective business seemed all fun and no worries. I worked with Dad in our family business until I was 30 in which time I learned a few things about business. One thing I heard from time to time was Risk. Risk is investing your money in a venture without any guarantee of a return on your investment (R.O.I.) The return on your investment comes in the form of either money or value of some sort. An investor can get all of their money back plus interest quickly from the company or person who owed the money, or by ownership of the business that produces an income over time that recovers the original investment plus more.
      If you wanted to make money from any business today doesn’t it require you to “risk” some of your money to invest in this start-up? Of course it does; in traditional business and in online businesses alike. You may already know some of the traditional business start-up investments like rent, insurance, inventory, etc. In online and home-based businesses there are also start-up investment fees like monthly website fees, a business start-up fee, and/or a monthly business fee. Some initial start-up fees I’ve seen $1,500 and up, then a montly fee thereafter. These costs are all risks, there is no guarantee you will get this money back…of course you hope and maybe believe you will get back your investment.
      There are some online businesses that don’t require any money risked at all! Yeah I know this sounds crazy but let me explain: some businesses don’t have a start-up fee, or website fees, or monthly fees, or any fees at all. Their business is actually free, how do they do this? by suggesting you buy their products, or services each month they will consider you their independent business rep. Why is this No risk? It becomes no risk when you are already buying these same or similar products at your local retail store right now. When you go to the drug store or health food store and buy a bottle of vitamins each month you are not risking any money because you are getting a guaranteed return on your investment in the form of value for your health. The same holds true when you buy these same types of products from an online business you join but with a really nice difference…now you can make money too from this home-based business, and all without any money risked. If you haven’t already found one of these businesses don’t take my word for it do some research and see for yourself.
      – Dave Puckett

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      Network Marketing has given me some freedom. I said some freedom because I haven’t become rich yet and I still work a primary job, but I don’t live paycheck to paycheck anymore!
      Network marketing does provide me enough extra money per month to make a big difference in my life – all this from only part time effort! One thing I have noticed though… my success is not isolated. I know many who are making enough to make their car payment, or the mortgage payment each month. I think for those who are looking to get rich fast this probably won’t be interesting for them, however if you are one of those who want to reduce the stress of living paycheck to paycheck give network marketing a try. – Dave Puckett

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      Have you seen any good movies lately? If you have would you recommend the movie to a friend? If they were good friends they probably would go see the movie just on your recommendation wouldn’t they? Sure they would; because they trust your judgment.
      Now imagine if someone as world-renowned and powerfully influential as the Pope were to recommend something it would be even more credible than a friend wouldn’t it?… Of course it would, that’s why people all over the world follow his advice. Well that’s exactly what just happened!…In a recent USA Today article titled: “ Pope to Priests: Go forth and Blog” the Pope urges priests to use all multi-media tools at their disposal including blogs and websites to preach the gospel.
      If you’ve ever had any doubts as to the power and effectiveness of blogging as one of the “key” tools you should use to succeed in your business this highest of recommendations should lay them to rest. – Dave Puckett

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      If you think your best chances of success is getting a college degree and you can write your own ticket… you better think again!  According to a recent New York Times article more than 4,600 lawyers lost their jobs last year. Gone are the times when all that was needed to succeed in life is get a college degree.

      NYTimes further related the concerns of a fifth-year associate in a law firm in Manhattan who complained he now feels he is expendable even though he is a top performer, billing many hours and a team player but even with this he may still lose his job. He is a Yale graduate at a top-20 firm.  One 2008 graduate of a top-10 law school who worked at a large Chicago firm for a year admitted she spent days trying to look busy as business dried up while not billing a single hour; before being laid off last fall along with a quarter of the other first-year hires.

      “Plenty of recent law school graduates are not finding work at all” “Some partners say that the next generation of law graduates may have to expect less from a legal career.” said Eileen C. Travis, the director of the New York City bar association’s lawyer assistance program.

      Our American way of life has changed, first by the rapidly diminishing middle class due to the fall of factory workers across the nation and now as you can see even the high-class elite’s troubles in earning a good living. For those workers all across the nation who still have jobs, employers are making those jobs harder and paying less money for them.  What’s the solution? well you probably have heard where one door closes another one opens and it’s still true today.  Supplement your income with a home-based business. There’s nothing you can do about how the American workforce is changing but this is still America and we all still have the freedom to start a business of our own.  In the past only “traditional” businesses were viable and very few people could start one because of the huge start-up capital required.  However low-cost home-based businesses have been available for many years but our culture’s mass perception of this business was to laugh it off as a viable option believing because it could be started with so small an investment that it couldn’t possibly produce a substantial income.  So the people who worked these home-based businesses quietly earned significant second incomes, many made fortunes.

      Today home-based businesses are not being laughed at anymore, there is a huge, and ever-increasing number of people starting, working, and earning substantial second incomes to supplement their primary jobs.  Many people make enough to quit their primary “traditional” jobs and just work their business. And even better news is that the number of home-based businesses continue to grow and require even less money to start than before providing an even better opportunity for the masses to supplement their incomes. How about you…are you still laughing?

      – Dave Puckett

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