Blogging is Top Method of Working Online

Blogsite or Website?  It’s already unanimously apparent a blogsite is number one to establish a great marketing foundation for any online business.  Here are the biggest reasons why blogsites are number one – They are fast and easy to setup and use for the average person, they are interactive giving you important feedback from your customers and potential business partners, they are picked up and indexed by the search engines faster than websites, and lastly blog platforms are free.  Your blogsite is the heart of your business; Your “Business Central” or the foundational hub upon which all your other business efforts are built on.  All your other websites, social media sites, products, services, resources of all kinds should be connected, or “linked” to your blogsite.  This gives you credibility, builds your “brand” so people will recognize your name or your business name, trust you and buy your products, services, and/or join your business.

David Meerman Scott – Award winning marketing strategist and author of: “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” says: “Blogging is my front door.  There’s no doubt that my blog is the most important marketing and PR tool I have.  My blog has gotten my ideas out to thousands of people who never heard of me before.  Thanks to the power of search engines my blog is also the most vital and effective way for people to find me.  Every word of every post is indexed by Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines, so when people look for information on the topics I write about, they find me.”

The above example is one of many, just look around at the majority of top marketers on the internet and see what a foundational key blogging has been for their businesses.  If you aren’t using a blog as a foundation for marketing your business, I strongly suggest you look into it right now by signing up for the “Stay Connected” newsletter and receive the free e-book: “Wordpress Beginners Guide” and if you are using a blog to market your business you’re still welcome to sign up and take the free e-book, you’ll be able to check through it and see if there’s anything you’re missing.  Also at the end of the book there is a link to check out a more in-depth e-book: “Wordpress Website Secrets” to help make your WordPress blog a more powerful and effective marketing tool.

Success to You,  Dave Puckett

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What Sells Your Product?

When you sell a product sometimes you can get caught up in the features and physical characteristics of that product (like low price, beautiful appearance, great smell, great taste etc…) and forget what really sells the product.  Rest assured your customer knows exactly why they buy the product and it has nothing to do with the description or physical characteristics of the product.  It’s the benefits that sell your product.

When you buy a product what are you thinking?  I’m thinking: “Ok what’s this going to do for me?”  I bought some cleansing tea – Did I get it because of its appearance, smell, taste, or price?… or maybe because of the attractive well-designed colorful brochure?

Nope, I have good tasting economical tea at home I got from the grocery store.  I got the tea because of the benefits associated with it.  I saw the benefits I needed and knew I wanted; I saw cleansing for the colon, relief for indigestion, bloating, acid reflux, and an effective tool for weight loss.  Finally what strengthened my resolve to buy were testimonials of other people who were already experiencing these benefits that I wanted.   Everything else about the tea that didn’t involve what the tea could do for me were minor technicalities for me.  It’s all about the benefits.  – Dave Puckett

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