Have you seen any good movies lately? If you have would you recommend the movie to a friend? If they were good friends they probably would go see the movie just on your recommendation wouldn’t they? Sure they would; because they trust your judgment.
Now imagine if someone as world-renowned and powerfully influential as the Pope were to recommend something it would be even more credible than a friend wouldn’t it?… Of course it would, that’s why people all over the world follow his advice. Well that’s exactly what just happened!…In a recent USA Today article titled: “ Pope to Priests: Go forth and Blog” the Pope urges priests to use all multi-media tools at their disposal including blogs and websites to preach the gospel.
If you’ve ever had any doubts as to the power and effectiveness of blogging as one of the “key” tools you should use to succeed in your business this highest of recommendations should lay them to rest. – Dave Puckett

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