What Sells Your Product?

What Sells Your Product?

March 9, 2010

When you sell a product sometimes you can get caught up in the features and physical characteristics of that product (like low price, beautiful appearance, great smell, great taste etc…) and forget what really sells the product.  Rest assured your customer knows exactly why they buy the product and it has nothing to do with the description or physical characteristics of the product.  It’s the benefits that sell your product.

When you buy a product what are you thinking?  I’m thinking: “Ok what’s this going to do for me?”  I bought some cleansing tea – Did I get it because of its appearance, smell, taste, or price?… or maybe because of the attractive well-designed colorful brochure?

Nope, I have good tasting economical tea at home I got from the grocery store.  I got the tea because of the benefits associated with it.  I saw the benefits I needed and knew I wanted; I saw cleansing for the colon, relief for indigestion, bloating, acid reflux, and an effective tool for weight loss.  Finally what strengthened my resolve to buy were testimonials of other people who were already experiencing these benefits that I wanted.   Everything else about the tea that didn’t involve what the tea could do for me were minor technicalities for me.  It’s all about the benefits.  – Dave Puckett

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